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Arabica Coffee, I would like to tell you the story of the most consumed coffee bean in the world. Many known and consumed coffees are derived from this bean. Unfortunately, there is no clear information about how it spread to the world, but it is known that its origin came from Ethiopia and spread all over the world from there. Many coffee varieties are genetically similar, but have local names for the regions, making the accurate mapping of the history and evolution of the Arabica coffee bean difficult.
If we examine the family tree of Arabica coffee, we can see some of the most widely produced and consumed varieties. This family tree of Arabica coffee continues to live, develop and grow as botanists and scientists discover new species and varieties with interesting tastes and genetic characteristics. Arabica coffee, which is the most important of the four coffee types in the Rubiaceae family, is the most important coffee bean produced and consumed commercially in the world. Robusta coffee, which is of lower quality than Arabica coffee, is crossed with Arabica coffee to create new hybrids.
Let’s take a look at the family tree of Arabica coffee together.
Known varieties of Arabica coffee are Heirloom, Bourbon, and Typica. I have listed the coffee beans produced from these valuable coffee varieties for you.
Varieties of Arabica Coffee

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