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The Chemex Coffee Maker has become increasingly popular with coffee lovers, especially in recent years, due to its simplicity of design and the fact that it is an almost smooth method of brewing coffee.

The Chemex coffee maker consists of an hourglass-shaped glass bottle with a conical funnel-like neck and proprietary filters made of glued paper, thicker than the standard paper filters used for the drip coffee maker. The thicker paper of Chemex filters removes most of the coffee oils and makes the coffee much “cleaner” than coffee brewed in other coffee-making systems.

James Bond’s Choice is Also Chemex Coffee Maker

“Breakfast was Bond’s favorite meal of the day. When he was stationed in London it was always the same. It consisted of very strong coffee, De Bry in New Oxford Street, brewed in an American Chemex, of which he drank two large cups, black and without sugar. The single egg, in the dark blue egg cup with a gold ring round the top, was boiled for three and a third minutes”

From Russia With Love – Ian Fleming

What is Special About Chemex Coffee

One of the most important features that distinguish this coffee machine from its competitors is its thick filter. Chemex coffee filters have a much denser weave than those of standard coffee. They help to regulate the flow of coffee water as it passes through, which helps to remove most of the oils and body from them during brewing. The filter also drains slower, which results in a more developed flavor after a Chemex brew.

An all-glass structure is ideal for making coffee with the most natural aroma. This gives you a clean coffee taste with plenty of sweetness without any off-flavors. If you want to get a nice aroma from the coffee you brew at any time of the day, I recommend you try Chemex.

Chemex coffee filters slow the extraction rate and require a harder grind. The process will take longer than dripping coffee and this time will result in better-enhanced flavor notes. The notes drunk in different flavors show the diversity of Chemex coffee.

How Does The Chemex Coffe Maker Work

Chemex is actually a pretty simple brewing method.

First, the filter specially developed for Chemex is placed in the mouth of the Chemex.

Tip: After placing the filter, you can wet the filter with a little hot water and then pour the hot water accumulated in Chemex. This process also ensures that the filter is cleaned and allows the coffee aroma to emerge more.

After the filter is placed, you pour the coffee you grind it into the filter and then you start pouring the hot water slowly over the coffee. Pouring the hot water slowly so that it touches the entire surface of the coffee will allow you to get the aroma from the whole coffee.

After this process, you will see that your coffee slowly drips onto the surface of Chemex and starts to accumulate. The coffee that emerges after the dripping process is finished is now ready to be served. You can sip your coffee with pleasure.

Due to the restricted flow, the brewing time may take a little longer compared to other brewing methods, but this will contribute to perfecting the coffee notes.

In the video below, you can see how easy to brew coffee with your Chemex.


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