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When Christopher Columbus discovered Jamaica in 1494, he described the island as “the most beautiful island the eyes have ever seen”. This unassuming island in the south of Cuba has been producing and exporting the world’s rarest coffee beans for some time now. Known as the Jamaican Blue Mountain, these coffee beans are so rare that they are considered the most expensive product Jamaica exports.
Blue Mountain coffee takes its name from the region where it was grown. Located in eastern Jamaica, this mountain range, called the Blue Mountains, is located in a humid region with abundant rainfall whose soil is suitable for growing coffee. However, as the altitude increases, coffee production decreases due to weather and climatic conditions. For this reason, it can only be produced on the slopes of the mountain at an altitude of 1600 meters. It is well known that altitude makes a significant difference in coffee quality as a denser bean is produced on the higher slopes of the mountain, resulting in a richer cup of coffee. The area is so important and untouched that it is a legally prohibited area by the Jamaican government. 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is exported by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.

Listed Among The World’s Few Top-Quality Coffees by Coffee Experts

Jamaican Blue Mountain, known as one of the few unique coffee beans in the world, features of the place where it is grown, the small amount of supply and the fact that 90% of this small amount of coffee is imported by Japan makes this coffee both difficult to reach and quite expensive. This is why coffee is expensive almost everywhere, except in Japan.

One of the World’s Best Gourmet Coffees

Made from 100% pure certified Arabica beans, Jamaican Blue Mountain is known as one of the best gourmet coffees. It has a balanced and dense structure. If we look at the tasting notes of this rare coffee, which is produced naturally on a rough and hilly land without using any pesticides, it contains an intense milk chocolate, floral tones, and a fruity aroma, so its taste is complex. It has a well-balanced acidity, almost no bitterness, and a mild flavor. This coffee is processed wet, that is, in a washed form.
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