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What Can Ruin The Taste Of Espresso
Making espresso is not as difficult as you might think, but some mistakes made while preparing espresso can ruin that amazing flavor you expect. A well-brewed espresso should have a golden brown layer of smooth crema. It does not contain such large bubbles or pale colors in its image. That creamy layer on top of the espresso should be a few millimeters thick and not disperse so easily. The taste should be balanced, just like its appearance. It should be balanced sweet-acidic and leave a lasting pleasant taste in the mouth.
So what can ruin the taste of espresso when preparing it, whether at home or in your office? What could go wrong and result in a bad espresso? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that ruin espresso.
  • If the result for a single shot after preparing espresso is less than 50 ml;
  1. You may have ground your coffee too fine to prepare espresso.
  2. You may have used more coffee than should be used for espresso.
  • You have tasted your Espresso and if the result is too acidic or sourer than it should be, the reasons for this are;
  1. The water you use in your machine to prepare espresso may be too cold.
  2. The beans you will use for espresso may be undercooked.
  3. You may have ground your coffee beans coarser than they should be.
  • If the espresso you prepared is more bitter than it should be, the reasons for this are;
  1. The water you use in your machine for espresso may be too hot.
  2. It may be time to clean your machine. Because one of the reasons for the bitterness problem encountered in espresso is that the machine you use is dirty.
  3. The coffee beans you will use to prepare espresso may be over-roasted.
As you can see, everything is in balance when preparing espresso. Things I would recommend you to check before preparing espresso:
  • Check if your espresso machine is clean or dirty.
  • Check the temperature of the water you will use to prepare espresso.
  • If you have obtained your coffee beans unroasted, pay attention to the roasting time if you are going to prepare them for espresso. If you have purchased roasted beans, ask your supplier if they are suitable for espresso.
  • Pay attention to the amount of coffee you will use while preparing espresso.
  • Check the grinding degree of your coffee beans. Ground coffee beans that are too coarse or fine for espresso are reason enough to ruin your espresso.

If you want to learn how to prepare espresso at home or in your office like a barista, this post is for you.

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